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Recycle Ink Cartridges
Did you know that you could collect empty ink cartridges from your computer at home and at work to help support the art program at SHL and to help save the environment?
Just bring your empty cartridges to me at school. If you work at a large company and would like to donate a lot of ink cartridges, contact me at [email protected]
and I can make arrangements for them to be picked up for you.  
Recycled Art Work
Did you know that many artists create art from recycled materials?  Sometimes they glue a variety of different recycled objects together to make an interesting new sculpture.  Sometimes they even tape materials together to make an armature and papier mache and paint over it.
Recycle and Save

Please help out SHL's Artists by collecting and donating the recycled materials below:
egg cartons
crystal light containers and inserts
small and large yogurt containers with lids
cereal boxes
paper towel/toilet paper tubes
bottle caps
scraps of yarn/fabric
small and large paper bags
and any other "stuff" you think we can use!