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Mrs. Proudfoot 2nd Grade

Welcome to Mrs. Proudfoot's Second Grade Class!

Homework Policy

Students are expected to read at home every night for at least 20 minutes.  It is often a good idea to read the same book more than once, out loud, to a parent or a brother or sister in order to help with fluency. 

To increase your child's vocabulary and improve their comprehension, it is important to read to your child on a regular basis.

Every week, students receive a spelling list.  There is a spelling test every Friday morning.  Students should practice spelling every night.

Students will bring a Weekend News paper home every Friday.  This is due in class the following Tuesday.  Students should check their work for correct spelling, complete sentences, capital letters and punctuation.  I always enjoy reading them!    


Click here to contact Mrs. Proudfootmailto:[email protected]