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Math Fact Practice

Memorizing basic math facts is essential in math success. Why?

 Just like learning to walk before you can run, learning multiplication and memorizing the times tables are building blocks for other math topics taught in school - higher learning such as division, long multiplication, fractions, and algebra.  Students who have not mastered their tables will often fall behind in math (and other subjects that use math) and begin to loose confidence.

When you learn your multiplication facts, you will be able to:

  •          Solve problems more quickly
  •         Focus more on the concept being used
  •     Self evaluate work as you go along for errors

·         Flash cards – Even though this is “low-tech,” students experience the most success from this method. Limit the number of cards you practice.  This will allow for repetitive focus on a smaller number of fact cards.

·         Multiplication War – This method is a little different than the typical card game of war.  Get a deck of cards.  Leave the ace in the deck and count it as a one.  The picture cards will count as a 10.  Divide the deck between the players.  Each player flips over their top 2 cards .  The two cards are multiplied together.  The person who has the highest answer wins the round and keeps all the cards played in that round.  If there is a tie for the highest answer, another round is played to determine the winner.  Winner is determined when the opposing players have no cards left.

·         Online PracticeThis should not be a regular substitute for flash card practice unless you can find a site that offers IMMEDIATE feedback and offers time limits to assist in developing both speed and accuracy.  Please let me know if you find better/additional sites.

  • – Please let me know if you need your child’s password for this website.  It tracks progress and sends the school a weekly update on student progress. 
  • - Set your time to 3 minutes and see how many facts you can solve. Aim for 100 plus facts!   If you are not correct, it will not let you move along.  Set as "up to 10" (to begin), "3 minutes", and the area of facts you wish to review.  This will not cover all facts, but will give you a good review for most.
  • Arcademic Skill Builders - Play online games against other players or the computer such as Jet Ski Addition, Island Chase Subtraction, Grand Prix Multiplication, Drag Race Division.  You can also play single player games such as Meteor Multiplication, Demolition Division, Alien Addition, and Minus Mission.  You can even arrange to play against your classmates at a certain time.
  • Math Magician Games - Try to beat your time and score each time. Select the type of basic facts you wish to practice to select a specific fact set (ie. "times 6", "divided by 8", "plus 4"). This method would be a good idea to focus on specific facts if you MUST practice by yourself. If you are ready, click on "Math Magic" for mixed practice of 50 or 100 problems.  **Does not give you immediate feedback of errors.
  • Multiflyer - Click practice to review specific multiplication facts or play the game.  There is a number grid to assist you when needed.  This method would be a good idea to focus on specific facts if you MUST practice by yourself.  ***You do get immediate feedback if your answer is incorrect.

The following are sites that have different games to practice multiplication facts.  Students cannot focus on specific facts they are learning, but they would be a good way to review.  There are also many great APPs students can use on IPADs or tablets. - (Look under Operations and Algebraic Thinking for multiplication)