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Grade 3 Homework Policy

Students are expected to have their assignment pad and homework folder in school daily. We take time to write down our assignments daily.  Written homework will be assigned on a daily basis (excluding Fridays).  The students typically have a spelling assignment, a math sheet, and then their weekly reading. 

Homework should take about 30 minutes per evening.  Students should have a homework routine which includes a quiet area where they can concentrate on their work.  Be sure a parent signs the weekly reading sheet each night. 

?  Frequently Asked Homework Questions  ?

How much should I help my child with his/her homework? Generally, homework is an extension to what we completed during the school day, therefore, children should be able to complete it independently.  If the child is experiencing difficulty,  prompting them a bit may help, but try not to complete the homework alongside them.   Please write me a note when you needed to give homework support, and specify whether it was minimal or major. 

How long should homework take? As stated above, and according to district guidelines, third graders should spend an average of 30 minutes per night on homework.  If your child is taking longer than 30 minutes to complete their homework on a consistent basis, please let me know.  On the other hand, if your child is expressing an interest in spending more time on their homework, feel free to allow them to extend their learning.