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Guided Reading

Guided Reading

Once all of the assessments are completed we will begin small group instruction.  The students will read texts based on their level and they will take part in comprehension activities using those books. 

Each night your child will bring home a reading bag.  In the bag you will find some books and some sight word cards.  There will also be some helpful hints attached to the folder and some strategy reminders for the students.  Please have your child read a book or two to you each night.  They also need to be able to read and write the words on the ring.  It is important for them to read the words each night and choose five words to practice writing.  When your child can read and write all the words on the ring I will give them a word test and they will go to the prize box.  They will then get new words on their word ring to practice. 

As your child’s reading progresses the books that come home will become harder.  Some of the books in the bag are from our guided reading group and some will be chosen by your child from our library.  Please drop me a note if you notice your child bringing home the same book too often.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.