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Driving Directions:
Grade 1 to 6 Car "pick-up" procedure
Second Hill Lane Elementary School
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Grade 1 to 6 Car "pick-up" procedure



September 6, 2011


Important information regarding children that are “picked up” at the end of school.


Second Hill Lane School has taken steps to create a safer environment for children that are “picked up” from school at 3:15 p.m.


No Child can be picked up from the main office from 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm. All grade 1 – 6 pick-ups will be from the West Side parking loop door. K children continue to use the East Side loop.


·         Print your eldest child’s last name on the Visor Card distributed the first day at drop-off (see reverse side for details);

·         Attach the Visor Card to the passenger side sun visor so staff can see the name when it is in the down position;

·         Drive around the west side loop displaying the Visor Card;

·         A staff member will radio into the school for your child (ren);

·         A staff member will release your child (ren) directly to your car;



Parents parking on side streets will request their child (ren) directly from the staff member with the radio and wait for the child (ren) to be delivered to you at the west door.