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Behavior Mangement Plan

Each child has a pocket labeled with his/her name containing 4 colored cards.

Green=Great Behavior!

Yellow=Warning! 5 minute loss of recess

Orange=Consequence! 10 minute loss of recess & note home

Red=Action taken! Office referral & phone call home

Everyone will start the day with their green card. If a problem arises that breaks our classroom rules your child will first receive a verbal warning.

If the problem persists or another rule is broken he/she will flip their card to yellow and then use time away from the group at recess to reflect about their misbehaviors and then discuss with me good choices they can make to improve.

If the misbehavior still continues throughout the day your child will flip their card from yellow to orange and so forth. Each child also has a monthly calendar.

At the end of each day the students will color their calendar to correspond with their card color. Your child will also receive a raffle ticket for each GREEN day. When he/she accumulates 10 tickets they may choose a prize from our prize box! At the end of the month the calendar will come home to you. You may choose to reward your child for lots of GREEN days!!!